The rescue of KC, who has been in jail in Malaysia for three years.

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Vinay KC of 47-year-old Jeetpursimra sub-metropolitan ward number 1, who has been in jail in Malaysia for three years has been rescued.

KC was rescued and brought to Simra due to the activism of Immigrant Rights Network. KC, who arrived in Malaysia in 2002 has been in prison in Penang for the past three years.

KC, who was working in a company in Penang for three years after arriving in Malaysia, had been working in hiding since then.

He had worked in various companies in Malaysia for 17 years and surrendered to the police three years ago.

KC said that after the employer company did not return his passport, he worked in hiding for a long time and went to the police himself three years ago.

He said that he was able to return to Nepal only after spending three years in prison as he was unable to return to Nepal until he went to the police.

After getting the information that KC was in jail, the Immigrant Rights Network started an initiative for his release.

Rudra Khatiwada, President of Sanjal Bara informed that after receiving the name of KC through the Nepali Embassy, ​​they have identified the person.

The city’s Deputy Chief Officer expressed his gratitude to the organization and said that the office of the Deputy Metropolitan Municipality will work for livelihood.

Stating that the sub-metropolitan municipality is conducting a scheme targeting citizens who have returned from foreign employment, the officer has encouraged KC to move forward with high moral.

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