Shiv Kumar of Bara arrested in 60 kg gold case

गढिमाइ खबर
पढ्न लाग्न समय 1 मिनेट

ANJALI GUPTA/BARA, President of Gold and Silver Traders Association Shiv Kumar sarraf was arrested
in case of 61kg ko gold smuggling.

The Central Spokesperson of Nepal Police DIG Kuber Kadaita informed that Shivkumar Sarraf of Bara has been arrested in the gold smuggling. Sarraf is also president of Bara, gold & silver traders association.

DIG Kadaita informed that he was arrested on Thursday evening after it was found that he was also involved in the smuggling of gold seized from Tribhuvan Airport.

He said that the arrested Sarraf has been kept under the custody of the CIB and will be brought to court on Friday for an extension. With this, Number of 27 People are engaged in this case.

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