Best Police of the Month to Sub-Inspector Khadak Bahadur Khadka

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पढ्न लाग्न समय 2 मिनेट

On Tuesday, a program was organized in the meeting hall of the District Police Office, Bara, and police sub-inspector Khadak Bahadur Khadka, working in Bariyarpur police station, was declared the best policeman of the month.

Chief Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogti of District Police Office Bara congratulated Deputy Inspector of Police Khadka by declaring him the best policeman and handing over a certificate.

Police Sub-Inspector Khadka, posted at Mahendra Adarsh ​​Police Station and working at Bariyarpur Police Station, was declared the best police officer for performing his duties flawlessly by mobilizing the police personnel working under him in the office where he is working and not allowing any kind of conflict or any criminal activity to occur in his areas is done .

Police Deputy Inspector Khadka has been awarded for his excellent work by providing service to the customers in a simple manner and fully following the policy instructions and performing the work assigned to him with high professional efficiency.

Chief Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogti of District Police Office Bara has informed that Police Sub-Inspector Khadka has been declared the Best Policeman of the Month because of the positive impact on police personnel Khadka.

Deputy Superintendent of Police and Spokesman Purushottam Pandey of District Police Office Bara, Police Inspector Rupesh Sah, Police Deputy Inspector Dev Bahadur Khatri, Police Assistant Inspector Saru Adhikari of Women and Child Cell and other policemen were present in the program.

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